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It's not enough to be up to date.
You have to be up to tomorrow

GK8 has the ONLY end-to-end platform combining a truly offline Cold Vault with a keyless MPC with unlimited number of automatic co-signers

This solution eliminates attack vectors that exist in all other custody solutions:

Man in the
middle attack

Inside jobs

Physical and side
channel attacks


All other Hot & Cold wallet solutions require internet connection in creating blockchain transactions – exposing them to attack vectors

GK8 is the ONLY true air-gapped Cold Vault that is 100% offline
without ever receiving any inputs from the internet

Withstanding the highest bounty program on digital assets ever offered: $250,000 in Bitcoin

On Feb. 2020, GK8 announced a bounty program, offering $250K to any hacker managing to break into our Cold Vault. To prove that the Vault is active, our team used it to send transactions to the blockchain every 24 blocks (approx. 4 hours) to the last miner that closed the block. Thousands of hackers from all over the world took a stab at breaching our Cold Vault – none of them have succeeded.

see press coverage of gk8's bounty program


The ONLY Solution that Ensures 100% Security
throughout The Entire Life Span of Your Token

Whether creating state-issued tokens for CBDC projects, Security Tokens to accurately represent financial instruments or Utility Tokens that represent product or service credits – GK8’s End-to-end Tokenization Platform enables financial institutions to create, manage and distribute tokens in our Cold Vault with 100% protection from cyber-attacks.

  • Customized Token Creation within just a few click – no coding required!
  • 100% secure Minting and Burning
  • Customized permissions and registration cadence per hierarchy of involved entities
  • Post Launch: Token custody and management
  • Supporting both Private & Public blockchains

Current mpc
solutions fall short
in safeguarding

existing custody solutions are vulnerable to cyber attacks

5 myths on cold wallets (Why there's
no real cold wallet
out there)

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download white paper

Please leave your contact information and the White Paper will be sent to you shortly