We Empower Financial Institutions to Turn Digital Assets into Revenue Growth

Use the GK8 enterprise-grade Custody and Digital Asset Management Platform to drive new revenue streams and work faster with digital assets with 100% protection from cyberattacks, in a self-service model tailored to the scale and policies of your institution.

Leverage the power of the Blockchain to expand your financial services offering

GK8 enables institutions to securely benefit from the exploding demand for digital assets



Token Creation

Crypto Prime Brokerage

Cryptography Key Management

Wallet management

All-in-One Custody Platform Built for Banks

End-to-End Solution

GK8 offers financial institutions an
end-to-end platform for managing blockchain-based
assets on their own, with no reliance on 3rd party
custody providers.

No Hardware Dependency

GK8’s innovation and cyber protection are rooted within
the cryptographic layer itself: hardware deployment
is optional, used for added protection against physical and side-channel attacks.

100% Cyber Protection

We’ve developed the world’s first true air-gapped Cold
Vault, capable of creating, signing and sending secure blockchain transactions with no direct internet
connectivity, eliminating all potential cyber attack vectors.

Patented MPC Wallet

Offering an unlimited number of automatic co-signers with thousands of transactions per second, making it the most secure high-performance MPC in the market,
eliminating the single point of failure that other solutions share.

Governance and Compliance Ready

Designed for global financial institutions, with rules and
policies customized per individual or group, based on
whitelists, caps and velocity.

Asset Agnostic

The GK8 solution is asset agnostic, supporting hundreds
of crypto currencies and tokens, as well as Staking and
DeFi protocols, on both private and public blockchain.

Hear what top-tier security experts say ABOUT our solution

Any connected device can potentially be hacked. 

GK8 is the only true air-gapped vault that sends blockchain transactions while being 100% offline and eliminating critical attack vectors.

Who can benefit from our End-to-End Custody Solution?

Offering the highest available insurance coverage on digital assets

provided exclusively to GK8 customers by USI

GK8 customers manage $Billions of AUM in digital assets!

Some of our customers and partners Include:


Here’s what GK8 customers and industry
experts say ABOUT our solution:


Our platform meets a real and urgent market need. With this unique proposal, we offer a comprehensive and reliable custody solution with the level of protection demanded by companies and institutions. By integrating GK8 into our solution, Prosegur Crypto aims to lead this market as the safest and most reliable partner for institutional investors.

Raimundo Castilla

CEO of Prosegur Crypto


Our offer is a truly new era for traditional investors and institutions that still didn’t leverage the potential of digital assets. Using GK8’s outstanding security standards will make the adoption of INX easier.

Shy Datika

Co-Founder and President at INX


Our risk-based approach requires addressing threats on all levels, standard and APT. GK8 provides us with a solution for the entire spectrum of threats which also includes state-sponsored attacks like the recent attacks we’ve seen on the financial industries world wide.

Eliahu Assif

Former CISO at eToro

Group 2683

GK8 has developed state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques to minimize the wallet’s attack surface and block attackers’ influence on security- critical components.

Prof. Eran Tromer

Founding Scientist, Zcash