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Our risk-based approach requires addressing threats on all levels, standard and APT. GK8 provides us with a solution for the entire spectrum of threats which also includes state-sponsored attacks like the recent attacks we’ve seen on the financial industries world wide.


Eliahu Assif CISO at eToro

GK8 has developed state-of-the-art cryptographic techniques to minimize the wallet’s attack surface and block attackers' influence on security-critical components.


Prof. Eran Tromer Zcash Founding Scientist

GK8's customers manage over $1BILLION in digital assets

Any connected device can potentially be hacked.
GK8’s is the only true air-gapped vault that sends blockchain transactions while being 100% offline and eliminating critical attack vectors.

Pending Patents (USPTO)
Insurance Coverage by Aon UK
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The flexibility of a hot wallet, The security of an air-gapped vault