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Make Your Crypto Work For You Pt. 3

Pt 3: DeFi with GK8

In our prior blog in this series, we discussed some of the basic premises of the DeFi space. The size of the market, the trends, and of course the risks. As mentioned, up until now the usability aspects of investing in DeFi have been ‘difficult’, with go-to solutions including transferring custody to 3rd parties or utilizing web-based tools and systems. 

The question is, what options are there for institutional investors? How can they deploy assets to DeFi without risking their private keys? The answer in part lies in utilizing the built-in integrations of GK8’s custody solution.

The GK8 solution

GK8’s unique combination of MPC and True Cold vaults, universal ‘smart contract’ support, alongside our integration with Metamask Institutional (MMI) give institutions a fore when deploying assets to DeFi. Whether you are looking for Native DeFi deployment or utilizing a well-known interface such as MMI, we have you covered.

Native DeFi

GK8’s ‘out-of-the box’, universal support for ‘smart contracts’ enables clients to instantly deploy assets to almost any DeFi protocol (or any other smart contract) directly from the cold vault, without any development resources. This generic capability extends to support for both existing and future DeFi protocols on any supported blockchain. Moreover, GK8 continuously adds support for additional chains.

As a result, GK8 enables access to hundreds of DeFi protocols through the solution’s own UI, in just a few clicks. Our universal support allows clients to keep pace with the rapidly evolving DeFi ecosystem, enabling the integration of additional services, platforms and protocols at their own discretion and convenience.

DeFi via the integrated MMI interface

A few months ago we announced the default integration of MetaMask Institutional, a version of the popular wallet that integrates institution-required custody, operational efficiency, risk, and compliance features. Thanks to the integration, GK8 customers are able to access the familiar Metamask interface directly from the MPC vault, enjoying broad access to web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) services in the most secure way possible.

By integrating with MetaMask Institutional, built by ConsenSys, GK8 enables institutions direct access to the institutional rendition of the popular on-chain wallet, designed specifically with the needs of crypto-native companies in mind. The MMI wallet will be accessible from our high-scalability, patented MPC vault, working as a regular Web browser extension. The resulting architecture grants users the benefits of the most secure self-custody platform with Cold and MPC vaults alongside the flexibility and functionality of MetaMask Institutional.  


With GK8 solution you can start enjoying, and offering ‘as-a-service’, more secure DeFi services today. Whether your institution already supports blockchain-based assets or is still exploring possible strategies, the end-to-end GK8 digital asset custody and management platform can be deployed in days. Our solution is designed to give you the peace of mind, agility, and usability you need to take advantage of the DeFi market.

How best to make your crypto work for you is not a clear-cut matter. Whether staking or DeFi is better for your institution depends on your specific goals, risk tolerance, and other factors. It is important to carefully consider the risks and potential rewards of both options before making a decision. Regardless of your choice, GK8 can help.

To learn more about the GK8 solution, click here. To learn more about our integration of MMI, click here. To learn more about our native support for all EVM-compatible chains, and smart contracts, click here.



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