Government-Grade Digital Asset
Management System

Secure, Compliant, and Practical

GK8 Proudct

The Safest Environment to
Manage Digital Assets

GK8 On-premises hardware and software system utilizes advanced proprietary cryptography techniques with military-grade physical protection.

The digital-asset management solution combines cold wallet insulated from inbound communication with an ultra-secure, proprietary MPC wallet for automated transactions.

GK8 Product

System Design

GK8’s proprietary innovations in cryptographic algorithms underlie of our deep cold-wallet infrastructure, which also enables hot-wallet functionality, without an in-bound network connection and thus eliminating cyber-attack vulnerabilities.

How it works Digital assets

Simplify Risk Management

GK8’s system supports institutions׳ need for asset accessibility and provides easy-to use compliance and control tools.

  • Availability

    24/7 on-the-spot withdrawals

  • Automatic

    Automatic reconciliation and balancing

  • Disaster Recovery

    Back ups and redundancy
    including private-key backup

  • Advanced Authentication

    Password, Biometric, GEO location

  • Governance


The Highest Standards for Physical Protection:

  • World

    Air-gapped, with no direct or indirect connection to the Internet

  • HSM

    HSM, including tamper-responsive protection

  • Smart

    GK8’s staff never handle the customers' private key

Complies with the industry’s top security standards
MPC Wallet

Deployment Options

On-Premise Infrastructure Security Solution

Custody security flow changes between enterprises. GK8’s system can be deployed on different security layers. Seamless API-Based integration.

  • 1

    Full Custody System

    Replace existing cold and hot wallets

  • 2

    Unreachable Cold-Security Layer

    Replace just the cold wallet

  • 3

    MPC Security Layer

    Replace just the hot wallet