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GK8 Joins Forces With CaixaBank as Part of Its Innovation Program

GK8, a cybersecurity company that offers an enterprise-grade custody solution for managing and safeguarding digital assets, was selected from more than 200 companies and 28 countries by CaixaBank, the leading financial group in Spain, to its CaixaBank Fintech by Innsomnia innovation program. GK8 is honored to carry out a PoC together with CaixaBank to analyze the potential of the most secure digital assets custody, tokenization, and other financial services for blockchain-based assets.

The goal of this initiative is to explore together innovative technologies and solutions that might respond to the strategic challenges of the financial institution. Specifically for GK8, this signifies a commitment to a strong infrastructure for a crypto future that will enable banks and financial institutions around the world to easily and seamlessly integrate digital currency services for their clients with the maximum level of security and the fast-paced nature of trade.

GK8 was founded by veterans of Israeli elite cybersecurity units tasked with protecting the country’s strategic assets from state-sponsored hackers, reporting directly to the Prime Minister’s Office. Our recently released, new ground-breaking upgrades enable the highest level of TRUE Cold Vault security that is matched with the ease and usability of the MPC Vault – allowing users to authorize a transaction without connecting to the Internet via GK8’s patented unidirectional technology, leaving prospective attackers with no exploitable openings. In addition, GK8 has an arrangement with AON UK for customers to quickly and seamlessly access insurance for up to $500 million per vault, the highest on the market.

GK8’s commitment to safeguarding and managing the digital assets of global financial institutions has led the company to increase its portfolio of clients by more than 400% in 2020, and in H1 2021 already surpassing 2020’s record of sales. GK8 currently serves clients who manage digital assets worth billions of dollars. Some of those clients include eToro, currently at $10B market value, trading platform INX which has raised $125 million in a security token and equity offering, and Prosegur, one of the world’s largest custodians with €400 Billion under its management.


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